Cartagena de Indias

My first weekend here in South America did not disappoint. Cartagena, Colombia is a beautiful place with so much history, but the humidity here would put North Carolina to shame!

Cartagena has a great system for providing tours of the city. Several different companies give historical walking tours solely based on tips. My guide was easy to understand and made the tour fun and interactive. She said that Cartagena has two kinds of weather – hot and very hot, so we were lucky it was only hot that day (93 degrees Fahrenheit, but according to the weather app it felt like 110 degrees).

This is the church of San Pedro. San Pedro was deemed a saint because of his treatment towards the slaves during the development of Cartagena. Cartagena’s historic city was built almost completely by slaves, and San Pedro was one of the first people to recognize the slaves as people. He helped provide them with medical care and other necessities that they were originally not allowed.

Saturday night was special because Colombia played Argentina in the American Cup in fútbol. When Colombia won the whole city celebrated!

Now it is Monday, my first day of intensive Spanish classes in this city. I am studying at Nueva Lengua Spanish school this week and will be staying with a host family. My host mother is Colombian, and she speaks only Spanish. It is a little bit intimidating, but I believe it is the best way to learn a language. The school also offers many activities for the students; tomorrow I will take a cooking class, and Wednesday there will be dance lessons. However, right now I need to do my homework!

Hasta la vista,


10 thoughts on “Cartagena de Indias

  1. Love your blog and pictures! Such a great adventure! Looking forward to seeing more updates and learning through your experiences.


  2. Sarah, I’ve always read that Cartagena is unique for being a walled city on the American mainland. I’d love to read your experiences and see your pictures of of the city walls if you get the oppurtunity to check them out!


  3. Sarah you may or may not remember me/us Our Will is the same age and Mike’s parents were Lee and Joe Mullally and even though you may not remember us, we definitely remember you! Cutest and sweetest girl ever and still are I see. So happy you have this opportunity and that we can follow you through an incredible adventure!


  4. Hi Sarah, I’m friends with your parents and blessed your dad invited us to share in your amazing adventures! Prayers for safety as you travel, 🙏 Thanks for sharing and allowing me to learn through your journey!! ♥️🙏♥️


  5. I’m so envious! Hoping you are having a wonderful time and making memories that will last forever. Thanks for sharing! Praying for safety and that you will be blessed by your experience. Can’t wait to hear the recap one night!


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