Time to Travel

  1. Graduate from nursing school
  2. Get a job
  3. Pass the nursing boards exam
  4. Backpack through South America

This past year has been a dream in so many ways. I am now a registered nurse, but before I officially check in to the “real adult world” there’s something I have been eager to do. Between graduation and starting my career in nursing I have been planning a trip through South America. I am leaving for ten weeks with my backpack and a loose itinerary. I have loved Latin American culture since my first time to Peru in 2011. Now, a little older and only slightly wiser, I am confident I will love and appreciate the many cities and cultures in South America more than ever. Tentatively, my plan is to start in Colombia with Spanish classes, scuba diving, and hiking to the Lost City; return to Peru to rediscover Lima and Machu Picchu; re-explore the diverse landscapes of Ecuador; and finish my trip in Argentina. However, a trip like this requires serious budgeting as well as flexibility, so anything is subject to change. Stay tuned to hear about my experiences in Colombia!

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